How to Participate

The Tulane School of Architecture offers a four-year Bachelor of Architecture program, a five-year combined Bachelor and Master of Architecture program, and Master’s degree programs of one, two, and three to three and a half years in length depending on a student’s educational background in architecture. Undergraduate students in their fourth or fifth year and graduate students in their final year of study may indicate their preference for joining the URBANbuild studio as one of their required Options Studios. Participation in the fall design semester of URBANbuild does not guarantee participation on the spring build semester of the program. The cohort of students best suited to working together in the program’s unique environment is selected from the pool of interested applicants each term.

Potential graduate students apply directly to the School of Architecture. For more information on the application process, please see the TSA Admissions page.

Undergraduate students apply more broadly to Tulane University Admissions. For more information on that application process, please see the Tulane Admissions page.